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Temperature Sensor Suitable for Use Outside

I'm after a temperature sensor I can connect to a Pi that will take the abuse of British weather without breaking hor...

LiPo or Li-ion Battery in a Car Tracker

I need to use either a LiPo or a Li-ion battery in my Car Tracker project (

Reliable and safe power supply for a Pi

I am thinking of doing a 'kitchen computer' which I will also use to control the heating. The bit that controls the ...

Media server for Raspberry Pi

Can anyone recommend any good media server software for the Raspberry Pi? It's going to be used in a car.

A system to control my heating from my iPhone or iPad

Can I use raspberry Pi components to make a controller on my iPhone or iPad to thermostatically control my central h...

Raspberry Pi 10"+ Touchscreen that works with Windows10 IoT

Does anyone know of a LCD touch screen, that is over 10", ideally greater than 1280x720, that is compatible with a Ra...

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