I decided I wanted to build an autonomous rover back in July. I've built robots before but always from kits. And I wanted a big bot this time with lots of computing power and advanced sensors. Initially I had a pair of nvidia Jetson TK1's for the brains but recently replaced those with a single nvidia TX1 computer. The sensor array is comprised of a Zed stereo camera, BNO055 IMU, Adafruit GPS, Lidar Lite V2 on a custom turntable for 360deg views and temp humidity and light sensors. I'm using the light sensor to switch from the ZED to the Lidar when the light level gets too low. I run both at all times but as the light gets too low for the camera its weighted towards the lidar. Originally went with aluminum tubing for the chassis but switched over to carbon fiber tube for weight savings. The payload platform is riding on a single axle which also is the attachment point for the outriggers carrying the motors and wheels. A pair of turnbuckles and a truss on shaft keeps things level for now however that is going to change soon to a motor drive using the IMU. I just added 4 inches to the width to accommodate the gear and motor for this evolution. Motor controllers are from OR in Italy. Their Unav with a 15amp h-bridge attached. Waiting on those now so I can finish up and start testing. They are new boards very compact in size and some with the necessary drivers for ROS. Also a roboclaw mc is used for the lidar lite turntable and in the future for the leveling motor. Its been a fun project and I've learned a lot of new stuff. ROS is a steep learning curve but an excellent piece of software.