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2nd High Altitude balloon project


Launched one and got some nice pictures at 13km. Now going to be a bit bolde...

4WD Robot


For this project I am going to have a go at building a basic robot, using a c...

Amazon how to build an Echo speaker with the Raspberry pi


This project demonstrates how to access and test the Alexa Voice Service usin...

Ambilight Clone

The Walrus

An ambilight clone that works with videos played directly on the TV. No PC or...

Arduino based


LED Strip Multi Effect Controller with Arduino Nano and EasyEDA

Arduino Thermostat

Moist Bit

Thought i would upgrade my thermostat seeing as it hasnt in 15 years. Also i...

Arduino Thermostat

Moist Bit

Thought i would upgrade my thermostat and take on a project at the same time....

A ring light made from a ring of LEDs


I like photography and sometimes I do close-up photography. A flash on top of...

Attiny85 based altimeter


My rocketry team needs an altimeter that will function to 100,000 ft and prov...

ATTINY85 Bluetooth Transceiver

Cheetah Kid

I do have little experience on the Bluetooth with uno and wanted to make a di...

Audi RNS-E Raspberry Pi3 Car Computer


I always fancied a car computer, but couldn't ever be arsed with 12v ATX PSU'...

Auto giro copter

Jay Que

Let's make a copter :)

Automatic Window Control


This is just an idea I'm toying with, if I can get the bits cheap enough. ...

Auto stock update


Select individual stock from moving tape and record

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