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Featured Projects

Elroy Jetson Autonomous Rover


Autonomous rover/camera platform. ROS, Zed camera, Nvidia 2 node TK1 cluster,...

4WD Robot


For this project I am going to have a go at building a basic robot, using a c...

Raspberry Pi Car Computer


I want to build a raspberry pi based in car computer. The main uses will be a...

Ambilight Clone

The Walrus

An ambilight clone that works with videos played directly on the TV. No PC or...



I'm using an app to automatically send a message to pi zero of how many glass...

Vehicle Tracking Device


My Plan is to create a vehicle tracking device that will allow GPS tracking o...

Home Cloud Server


Using a Raspberry Pi as a internet connected cloud storage solution.

Device Status and Cooling.


I've managed to drive my Raspberry Pi 3 up to 85 Deg. C. This got me thinkin...

New Raspberry Pi Zero 1.3


A quick evening project to test the new Raspberry Pi Zero with the Camera port.

Automatic Window Control


This is just an idea I'm toying with, if I can get the bits cheap enough. ...

Baby monitor (WiFi Camera)


This project is to build a wifi camera that I can use as a baby monitor. It ...

Offroad Light Relay Box


Designing and building a box that will clean up my off-road light installatio...